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The Old Guard - Netflix
Senior Compositor @ Image Engine Design Inc - 2020

old guard banner.png

Until I can come back to write more about what I did on this project, check out these links for more information about Image Engine's work. 

Ian Failes @ with a run through the films VFX.

An interview with VFX Supervisor Sara Bennett that touches on the challenges of completing this show as the vfx industry transitioned to working from home during COVID-19.

Art of VFX interview with VFX Supervisor Sara Bennett which includes this gem:

"What is your favourite shot or sequence?
My favourite sequence is Nile regenerating in the car, it always felt good from the first versions we received from Image Engine and in all the early test screenings it got the best audience reaction."

The sequence of Nile regenerating in the car was my main focus for this project. There is a glimpse of this in the Image Engine breakdown reel for The Old Guard, which can be seen below.

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