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art by Ari Gibson​

The Courier - Short Film (2008)

The tale of an extraordinarily dedicated Courier and the lengths he will go to make sure he delivers on time. Not even an armada of despondent robots will stop him. Meet Jack Carrier, of the Carrier Courier Company. 


Shot in 2006 and completed in 2008, The Courier was the first film I wrote and directed after finishing university. It was high concept and designed to push my then meagre understanding of visual fx. We had a total production budget of only $250, calling in favours to get the vespa and the car for free. The most expensive line item was bleaching Jack's hair as white as we could. The film then took the next 1 1/2 years to complete, with myself and animator/lighter/lifesaver Andrew Palmer fitting in shots in between work hours. 

The end result is something I'm immensely proud of, though all I can see are the imperfections and how rough the vfx work is and how green we all were at making films. Hopefully the energy and the idea carry it all through. 

Originally designed to function as a pilot, this script was the first of many for the Courier, in which he went on to battle Vampires, clandestine military organisations and Cthulu in comic book form. It never quite materialised but lately I've been thinking of bringing The Courier back to life. 

Director/Writer: Simon Herden
Producer: Bettina Hamilton
Cinematographer: Nima Nabili Rad
Designer: Ari Gibson
Editor: Sean Lahiff
Sound Designer: Colin Zammit
VFX Artist: Andrew Palmer
VFX Artist: Simon Herden

art by Ari Gibson​

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